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Shooter may have taken own life

'He killed himself . . .' witness reports hearing from RCMP during May 9 shootout

May 20, 2014 11:04 am | By Ryan McCracken | St. Paul Journal

Sources indicate that John Carlos Quadros may have taken his own life during a gunfight with police in downtown St. Paul on the evening of May 9.

In an interview with witness Sarah Herperger-Goulet, it was revealed that she overheard an RCMP officer say that Quadros had taken his own life while she was hiding behind a vehicle for cover.

“I kept looking up and watching what was happening and you could see John (Quadros) firing and the police firing back. I believe John (Quadros) did get hit on his left side and I ducked again and at that point I heard the officer in front yell, ‘he's down, he's down, he killed himself,’ and I looked up and saw him slumped over.”

The Journal interviewed RCMP Staff Sgt. Mike Proctor, and asked if the investigation indicates that Quadros did in fact end his own life.

“If you’ve heard that from witnesses I certainly wouldn’t decry that,” said Proctor. “You won’t be saying anything wrong if you say witnesses indicate (that Quadros shot himself).”

The events on May 9 included the murder of Catholic priest Father Gilbert Dasna, who was shot in the chest just inside the door of the St. Paul rectory. Minutes later and only a few blocks away, a black Dodge truck driven by Quadros collided with an RCMP vehicle at a high rate of speed, and a gunfight ensued.

Quadros opened fire on police from inside his vehicle. Officers on scene returned fire and diffused the situation, however three RCMP members were injured as a result of the gunfight. 

Two of the injured members have since been released from hospital, while the female driver of the RCMP vehicle remains in hospital in Edmonton with severe injuries to her legs and feet.

An RCMP press release received last Wednesday indicates that authorities now believe Quadros is responsible for the shooting death of Father Dasna, however investigations into both deaths are still ongoing. 

Proctor added the forensics and ballistics investigation in both deaths could take a considerable amount of time, especially considering the type of ammunition used.

“The reality is, with shotgun shells and .22s, very seldom are there any ballistic markings, but we’ll be using tool markings,” said Proctor. “Every firing pin will make an individual mark on it, so we will be using tool markings.”

On May 12, Alberta RCMP Commanding Officer Marianne Ryan spoke to media at K Division headquarters in Edmonton. While Ryan would not comment on the events that lead to the deaths of Quadros and Father Dasna, she thanked the community of St. Paul for its support, understanding and resilience. 

“My sympathies go out to the victims and the families of those involved,” she said.

Ryan added she spoke with all three of the injured RCMP members, adding the member still in hospital remains in good spirits.

“She actually told me that when she was excavated from the vehicle, she felt like her toes were touching her shins,” Ryan said of the female officer in hospital. “But she is alert and looking forward to the treatment and rehabilitation that lies ahead.”

Ryan commended the work of the RCMP members who helped diffuse the dangerous situation in St. Paul on May 9. While the RCMP will review the incident in St. Paul, Ryan said that officers are better equipped than five years ago, and the fact that they didn’t lose more people speaks to the training of the RCMP members involved.

“I can tell you that our officers committed themselves to protecting the citizens and the community of St. Paul,” she said. “And I am very proud of their dedication and courage in this situation.”


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