For the fun of it


A handful of teams took over the AG Ross Arena on Saturday, and while the kids played hard and had lots of friends and family cheering them on in the stands, the main goal of the day wasn’t a competitive one – rather it was to simply hit the ice and have fun.

“The pond hockey program in Elk Point is just a great way for our kids to have fun and give kids an opportunity to play hockey and learn more about the game while developing their skills and abilities,” says Gina Swedgan, explaining the pond hockey program after the busy day wrapped up.

Pond hockey programs exist in a number of communities across the area, and give young athletes a low-key environment to play hockey and learn the game.

The pond hockey tournament in Elk Point included two teams from St. Paul, a team from Mallaig, and a team from Vermilion, along with the hometown Elk Point team. Games started bright and early at 9 a.m., and wrapped up just around the supper hour.

“We host a tournament every year and it’s just a great opportunity to spend time with family make new friends and meet new people,” says Swedgan. The event helps brings the community closer, and promotes “a sense of belonging by involving these kids in the community,” she adds.

By the end of the day, the hockey players were tired, and appeared to have had a good day, while donning their hometown jerseys with pride.

“The kids played their hearts out and were such good sports, and it was all around such a good experience.”


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