Realistic goals instead of resolutions


A new year is now upon us, which means that whether you keep New Year’s resolutions or not, it’s still often a time to reflect and consider what changes can be made to make 2017 and even better year than what 2016 was.

I’ve seen a lot of negative posts on social media lately, speaking about how terrible 2016 was. Thankfully, I’ve also come across quite a few positive ones that give me hope for the future.

Every year has its ups and downs. As humans, we will always experience death and life, war and peace, disappointment and success, and often it’s what we choose to focus on that will determine our outlook on the years ahead.

Personally, 2016 was another great year. Of course there were some struggles, but I wouldn’t expect anything less. Struggles and obstacles are simply part of achieving the things in life that are truly meaningful.

But, I also have goals and hopes for what 2017 could bring. There are always areas in life that can use improvement. And although I wouldn’t say I’ve decided to focus on any one of them as a New Year’s resolution, I am hopeful that I can make improvements in these areas to last well beyond 2017.

As my cell phone vibrates nearby, I’m quickly reminded of one of my main goals for 2017 – less dependence on technology. I am most certainly the type of person who doesn’t leave the house without my phone – and if I do (by accident) I feel a little lost, a sure sign that I need to learn to comfortably and confidently take a break from that piece of technology more often.

I’m not afraid to admit that there is a lot of mindless browsing that takes place, and that time could most certainly be used in a more productive way. Although I do rely on my phone for work, and I couldn’t see myself ditching it entirely, I will be working toward putting it down, and turning it off, more often.

Another area that I hope to make improvements on is an area I always have focused on somewhat, but hope to take even more time to focus and commit – health and fitness.

This is likely the most stereotypical New Year’s resolution out there, but again, I don’t view it as being something I will spend a year on, but a lifetime. I know I have improvements to make, especially after the holiday season where sugary treats are plenty, and seasonal flus and colds have run rampant, but I know there are some clear and obvious steps I would like to take to better myself, each day.

My last goal is maybe a little less stereotypical, but as I was reading an article the other day, I realized that this habit, which I thought previously was mostly a good one, is something that I need to cut back on – multi-tasking.

Often, the ability of multi-tasking is something we write on a resume as a good thing. But, as I make my way through like, with two busy children, a husband, and working two jobs, I realize that maybe it’s time to cut back on the multi-tasking and instead focus on one thing at a time.

Happy 2017.


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Janice Huser

Janice Huser has been with the St. Paul Journal since 2006. She is a graduate of the SAIT print media journalism program, is originally from St. Paul and has a passion for photography.